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Somi : Latest News, Photos and Videos

Published photos with actress Song Yun Ah and former IOI Somi. "Unexpected friendship" becomes Hot Topic. .. ..

There is widespread speculation that singer Somi supports Yoon Seok-you, who was elected as the next president. .

● Posted on Instagram, "Voting completed. I couldn't take the certified photo, but I want you to believe it." Since the background was red, there was widespread speculation that her support for Yoon was expressed indirectly because red is the symbol color of Mr. Yoon. The speculation are now spreading among Internet users. ..

Somi, the sound source that seemed to be BLACKPINK's unreleased song played during her insta-live

● She went out while holding the camera during the live in the studio

● The music can be heard when she opened the door of another studio

● The viewers were surprised to hear the voice which may be Jannie's.

● The viewers reacted as if it was the comeback song of "BLACKPINK"

● Somi made awkward expression.

● The live footage was erased.