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  • “Trump Arrested?” AI Spreads Fake Images
“Trump Arrested?” AI Spreads Fake Images
The Associated Press (AP) said on March 21st (local time) that as former US President Donald Trump recently claimed that he could be arrested by the authorities, a 'fake photo' of him being escorted in handcuffs has been circulating.

On this day, Twitter and other social media outlets posted related photos with the explanation that Trump was arrested in Manhattan.

Images of the former president, including one showing him in handcuffs surrounded by police officers and one in an orange jumpsuit, had gone viral.

However, if you look closely, you can see that the uniforms of the police officers are distorted and the letters are strange. All of them are photos generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Some of the photos have been confirmed to have been created by Elliott Higgins, founder of the digital resource analysis group Bellingcat. Higgins used Midjourney, which generates images with GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) algorithm. If you enter the desired scene in text, it is a technology that creates a photo that looks like the real thing.

As the controversy escalated, Twitter announced through a public notice that accompanied the related photos that the photo of Trump's arrest was a fake, and that it was "created by artificial intelligence and has no factual basis."

Just before the 2016 presidential election, former President Trump launched a New York Manhattan District Attorney's Office investigation into allegations that he manipulated the books of his company after paying a company-funded settlement to cover up his past sexual relationships with porn stars. US media have predicted that he may soon be indicted.

Published : 2023/03/29 09:33 KST

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