Cryptocurrency “Terra” CEO Kwon may be on trial in Montenegro… Detention extended for 30 days = Korea
Kwon Do-hyun, the CEO of Terraform Labs, who was responsible for the Terra Luna crash, and was arrested 11 months after fleeing overseas, appeared in a Montenegro court on March 24th (local time).

AFP reported that Kwon and his aide, Han, appeared at the High Court in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Kwon was arrested by local police at Podgorica International Airport 11 months after he left for Singapore in April last year, just before the Terra Luna virtual asset crash.

Wearing a black hat and gray clothes, Kwon was led into the courthouse with his head bowed and handcuffed behind his back by two police officers. In a photo published by AFP, Kwon looked tense and stiff.

According to AFP and other sources, a court in Podgorica said on the same day that Kwon and his aide, Han, were "at risk of flight as foreigners residing in Singapore, and their identities were not clearly established." Ordered an extension of detention. Under local law, a suspect can be detained for a maximum of 72 hours. However, the Montenegrin public prosecutor requested an extension, and the court decided to extend the sentence after questioning the suspect. Kwon is expected to be detained for up to 30 days.

Kwon is now more likely to face trial in Montenegro. AFP quoted a court official as saying, "After Kwon is tried in a lower court on suspicion of forgery of official documents, he will be tried in an advaced court related to a criminal extradition request." It may take some time for South Korea or the US to hand over Mr. Kwon.
2023/03/29 09:24 KST