Former President's grandson Chun Woo-won "drug use" livestream on YouTube … Local police may be dispatched
The local police were dispatched after Chun Woo-won, the grandson of the late former president Chun Woo-won, took a drug-like substance during a YouTube live streaming. Caught. Meanwhile, Chun's revelations and videos posted on Instagram and YouTube accounts temporarily disappeared. However, it was confirmed that it was restored.

On the morning of March 17th, Chun Woo-won teased a live broadcast through his Instagram, saying, "I will reveal everything within an hour. I will turn myself in." During the ensuing live, Chun directly mentioned various drugs such as ecstasy, LSD and cannabis. An unidentified object in the form of a pill was subsequently ingested. According to Chun, the drug was a narcotic.

He revealed the truth, "I broadcasted saying I was a drug addict." Chun said, "I am among the criminals, so I will be the first to be arrested." He also said, "If you take drugs on the air like this, you will be tested and sentenced. I will go to the airport with my drugs."

"I'm scared. Please help me. I'm so scared. People are chasing me. Please leave me alone." There were times when he trembled violently.

Chun continued his remarks in a flustered tone. He said, "People forgive themselves. Forgive yourself."

After that, it was also captured that the local police of the United States were dispatched to the scene. The broadcast ended after 1 hour and 30 minutes when a man who appeared to be a police officer interrupted Chun's YouTube live streaming.

Prior to this, Chun recently exposed the frauds of his father, Jung Jae Young, and the entire family on a daily basis through his Instagram and YouTube. They posted the photos and real names of their acquaintances directly, and posted statements that they had committed drug use, sex crimes, and adultery. The authenticity of the exposure has not yet been confirmed.

The posts posted by Chun temporarily disappeared on the morning of the 17th. Chun's Instagram changed his ID and did not display any revealing posts except religious posts, but as of 9:50 am, all IDs and posts have been restored.
2023/03/24 09:28 KST