Lawyers of Korean cult "JMS" president resigns one after another ... Number 2 will be summoned soon = South Korea
Lawyers of Jeong Myung-seok, the president of the Christian Gospel Mission Society (JMS), who was indicted on charges of persistently indecent and sexually assaulting a female believer, announced his intention to resign one after another.

According to the broadcasting industry on March 17th, the law firm Gwangjang submitted an application to the court on the 13th to withdraw the designation of four of the six lawyers who were defending Mr. Chung.

Kwangjang was informed that it will complete the resignation procedures for the remaining two lawyers before Chung's trial on the 21st. No specific reason for his resignation was given.

Law firm One also announced on the 17th that it will submit a withdrawal form for its attorney designation.

Attorney Lee Jung-ho of the law firm Wang said, "From the beginning, the direction of the argument was different from that of the law firm Gwangjang." At the same time, he explained, "I did not know the facts about the defendant's sexual assault, and I was only in charge of legal claims."

Lawyer Kang Jae-gyu, one of Chung's lawyers, is also said to have resigned.

The lawyer's resignation is being analyzed as a way to create a negative public opinion about Chung's crime. However, some analyze it as a trial delay strategy. If there are no lawyers left, Chung's side can claim the right to defend and request time to appoint a lawyer.

From February 2018 to September 2021, Chung was put on trial at a training center located in Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do Province, on suspicion of quasi-raping a female believer. He is also accused of forcibly molesting another female believer five times from July 2008 to December of the same year.

Even after being detained, he was sued three more times for lewd acts and sexually assaulting female followers.

The Daejeon District Court, which is investigating the case, said in the fourth trial held on the 7th that Chung will complete the sentence before the term expires.

On the other hand, JMS number 2 Jeong Jo-eun (real name: Kim Ji-sung), who is suspected of being an accomplice of Jeong, will soon be summoned for investigation by the police.

Chungnam Police Agency Women and Youth Criminal Investigation Unit announced on the 16th that it was looking at suspected crimes against Jeong Jo-eun, who was known as a high-ranking pastor of JMS, and was planning to summon her soon.
2023/03/24 09:25 KST