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  • <WK Contribution> Kakaa Tenka no Kuni, South Korea-3, Passionate Korean Women
<WK Contribution> Kakaa Tenka no Kuni, South Korea-3, Passionate Korean Women
The episode of the Korean hostess in Akasaka in the previous episode was very well received.

There were many opinions that Korean women were too calculative and belittled. I also mentioned the passion of Korean women in <Tail Fin>, but I didn't get enough of it, so I'll add it.

I said it as if I had been tricked by a Korean woman, but I wrote this expression as I heard it from my Japanese friend. This is from the Japanese point of view. However, if you are in a position to know the temperament of Koreans, it will be as follows.

The reason why Japanese men like Korean women (whether they are amateurs or hostesses) is due to their individual preferences, but on average, I think there are many cases where they fall in love with their passion.

Japanese women tend to be cooler than Korean women and tend not to express their feelings openly. In the case of Korean women, when they fall in love, they openly express their feelings and act in a straightforward manner. limited to people).

Isn't A falling in love with Chimama because he felt loved? The idea was, ``I'm not my legal wife, but I loved A with all my heart, so when I'm in trouble, it's okay for me to help her. I think that Koreans have a stronger belief than Japanese that “love is one and there is no separation”.

On the other hand, most Japanese men are dating because they like them, and they pay a certain amount of money, but I think there was a clear idea that if they wanted more than that, they would say “TOO much”.

Once Koreans become ``Uri/us'', they become ``no courtesy when they are close friends'' (family) instead of ``there is politeness even in close relationships''. what's yours is mine What's mine is yours It's a feeling to say. This difference is the cause of conflict between Japan and Korea. It is truly a world of “split” and “mix”. The way Japanese people say "That's it, this is this" is dismissed as "cold" by Koreans.

“When a Japanese exchange student returned to his hometown, he was asked by a Korean senior to buy a book for him. When I requested it, I was terribly offended."

“A Korean who was traveling to Japan entered a restaurant and asked for some more pickles.

I asked a Japanese who married a Korean woman what he thinks about his Korean wife. Everyone says, "When she's in a good mood, she's like a 'goddess' who is very kind and gives the best service, but once she gets angry, she suddenly turns into an 'ashura'." Especially when another woman (even if it's not the cheating partner) gets involved, the anger explodes and seems to be unmanageable. "Yakimochi" is one of the "seven evils" that was the reason for divorce for women during the Joseon Dynasty, so there is something odd about that jealousy.

Korean women's temperament is transformed into concentration in case of emergency. The other day, a friend of mine told me that when he collapsed from a myocardial infarction, he was the first to call an ambulance. Especially when he is ill, he takes care of me with such kindness that I can't help but feel moved by his enthusiasm.

Usually, she has a strong desire to monopolize and complains that she is picky, but at this time, she seemed to be a goddess. Korean women focus their affection on one point rather than paying attention to detail like Japanese women, so they sometimes feel warm.

I often hear stories like this from Zainichi men who are married to Korean women. A second-generation zainichi married a Korean woman, lived in South Korea, and was able to enter a large company and succeed in life thanks to her. He said that he was able to become an executive because he gave me accurate advice not only on how to get along with Korean people and how to get along with my boss, but also when I was hesitant about changing jobs.

However, I didn't forget to add that I usually interfere excessively, and I'm annoyed by prejudice and jealousy. A man thinks separately that “the husband has a relationship with the husband, and the wife has the territory of the wife”, but in general, Korean women restrict their husband’s actions under the pretense of protecting their family and home. I have a tendency to be stubborn. than Japanese housewives. This may also be a sense of “dividing” and “mixing”.

A traditional Japanese woman who obeys her husband and does everything in a discreet manner, and a Korean woman who follows the teachings of Confucianism and fights with the spirit of protecting her family at the expense of herself in case of emergency. It can be said that this woman's divine presence has protected this country.

<Supplement> What I am saying here is that this tendency is stronger than Japanese women. Just in case ^-^-4 continues.

* Contributed by Gon Yong-dae, representative of the Korea-Japan Temperament Comparison Study Group. Graduated from the Department of History, Seoul University, and completed the Graduate School of Newspapers at the same university. Worked at the Korean Air Training Center. Worked as Asiana Airlines' Japan and China managers. Author of "Do you really know 'Korea'?"

Published : 2023/03/22 13:14 KST

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