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  • <Explanation W> Solving the Requisitioned Labor Issue and the Role of the Japan-Korea Fund Expected to be Created
<Explanation W> Solving the Requisitioned Labor Issue and the Role of the Japan-Korea Fund Expected to be Created
The South Korean government has announced a solution to the South Korean foundation's responsibility for the compensation of Japanese companies, which are the defendants in a South Korean Supreme Court ruling, on the 6th of this month. China and China are considering establishing a joint fund between the economic organizations of the two countries. Regarding the issue of forced labor, Japan has consistently refused to contribute funds to a foundation in South Korea, which is responsible for paying compensation. The solution presented by the South Korean government does not presuppose that the defendant's Japanese company will contribute funds, and instead states that financial resources will come from voluntary donations from the private sector. At the time of the Japan-Korea Claims Settlement Agreement in 1965, POSCO and others were expected to receive financial assistance from Japan. Under these circumstances, the above-mentioned joint fund is planned to be established by Japanese and Korean economic organizations outside the framework of "requisitioned workers", and it is expected to be a de facto alternative to Japanese companies contributing funds to the foundation.

South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (equivalent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Minister Park Jin held a press conference on the 6th of this month to announce a solution to the former forced labor lawsuit issue. Minister Park stressed the importance of Japan-South Korea cooperation in all areas, including the economy and security. Stated. "I hope that Japan will work together to overcome the unfortunate history of the past and develop a future-oriented relationship based on reconciliation, good-neighborly friendship and cooperation," he said.

While the South Korean side announced its solution, it was reported that Keidanren, of which the defendant's Japanese company is a member, and the Korean Federation of Business Federations (Federation of Business Federations) agreed to jointly establish the "Future Youth Fund" (provisional name). was taken. The foundation was established with the aim of promoting exchanges between the youth of the two countries, such as by providing scholarships to international students. However, the Japanese government has shown reluctance, and this will be a solution that will be presented instead. The joint fund by economic organizations representing both countries can be said to be a desperate measure to make a breakthrough in negotiations that have stalled on the difficult issue of clearing the past" they said.

Regarding the solution presented by the Korean government, while there are plaintiffs who agree to receive compensation from the foundation, they firmly refuse to accept it, saying, "If there is even a small amount of Korean money that is not Japanese, it will not be accepted." Some people are making up their minds. For this reason, the South Korean government hopes to win the understanding of public opinion through the fund, stating that "the de facto contribution of funds by Japanese companies has been realized".

In response to the South Korean government's announcement of a solution, economic organizations in Japan and South Korea each announced their comments. Korea's Federation of Economic Organizations said, "We have been discussing various ideas with Japan's Keidanren to develop future-oriented relations between South Korea and Japan." We plan to start a more concrete discussion." Masakazu Tokura, chairman of Keidanren, said, "This is a big step toward improving Japan-Korea relations, and Keidanren also appreciates it." I want to," he said, emphasizing that it is undecided at this stage.

Under these circumstances, South Korea's leading newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, on the 8th, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong secretly requested to contribute funds to this fund that economic organizations in Japan and South Korea aim to establish. It was reported that it was found that he had persuaded a Japanese company. According to the newspaper, Mr. Lee, who attended the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland in January this year, met with officials from Japanese IT companies and persuaded them to contribute funds to the fund. While reporting on these developments, the newspaper said, "The Japanese government does not oppose voluntary donations by companies, and the South Korean government believes that Japanese companies are likely to participate [in making donations to the fund]."

Published : 2023/03/20 13:27 KST

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