Bar security guard who called Asian woman 'Kim Jong-un'... eventually lose job = US
A bar security guard in Chicago lost his job after repeatedly calling Asian women "Kim Jung Eun" (the name of the General Secretary of North Korea).

According to Chicago media on March 14th (local time), Asian woman Sydney Higgins visited a bar (Deuce's Major League Bar) near Chicago's professional baseball stadium 'Wrigley Field' on the 11th, accused local media of being treated hostilely by security guards at the store.

"I tried to enter the store like everyone else in line, but then a security guard approached me and said, 'No, Kim Jong-un,'" Higgins said. When asked, "I didn't say anything, Kim Jong-un," the guard replied.

Higgins and her party filmed the situation on their smartphones, and the video shows a security guard saying, "I'm not racist. But whatever you call me, that's up to you." It was filmed as is "I call my white guest 'Joe Biden,'" the security guard said.

In a statement, the store said, "The security guard in question was dispatched from another company and will no longer work with us. We do not tolerate discrimination or prejudice of any kind. We will continue to take proactive measures to prevent any racist actions."
2023/03/17 10:00 KST