Giant panda drinks 'PET bottle drink' dropped by visitors at zoo in Guangzhou, China
At a zoo in Guangdong, China, a giant pandas swallowed the contents of a plastic bottle that a visitor had drooped into the breeding area.

A netizen posted a video taken at the Guangzhou Zoo on March 12th.

According to the released video, a visitor accidentally dropped a bottled drink he was holding into the breeding area while trying to see the giant panda. The giant panda 'Ya Yi' who discovered it picked up the plastic bottle, opened the lid with his mouth and drank the contents.

Visitors around the park who saw this shouted, "No!", but 'Ya Yi' continued to drink the contents of the plastic bottle.

The Guangzhou Zoo reported on its official SNS, "We collected the plastic bottle as soon as it was discovered by the keeper, and are carefully monitoring Ya Yi's health." To date, no abnormalities have been found in Masakazu's health.

Many netizens who saw the video appealed, "Zoos should ban food and drink."
2023/03/17 09:55 KST