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  • Popular Korean actor Yu A In clarifie needles are scary, and propofol needles are thicker
Popular Korean actor Yu A In clarifie needles are scary, and propofol needles are thicker
Popular Korean actor Yu A In (37, real name Uhm Hong-sik), who is suspected of habitually administering drugs, revealed that he chose propofol because he had a phobia of needles and chose sleep anesthesia. The needles used to administer propofol are thicker, he said, adding that the clarification is illogical.

In 2021, Yu A In received a total of 73 prescriptions for 4497 milliliters of propofol at a hospital in Seoul. Police suspect that Yu A In exaggerated the pain of even a simple procedure, demanded sleep anesthesia, and used propofol.

As a result of a detailed examination by the National Forensic Service, four types of narcotic ingredients were detected in Yu A In. Propofol, cocaine and ketamine components were confirmed following the cannabis-positive test. Cocaine is highly addictive and hallucinogenic, and together with MetHAMphetamine and heroin, it is called one of the three major drugs. Ketamine is primarily used as an anesthetic along with propofol.

Despite this, Yu A In's management office maintains its stance that "We need local anesthesia when treating skin diseases, but we requested sleep anesthesia due to needle phobia."

Acrophobia refers to an abnormal emotional swing or fear at the sight of sharp or pointed objects such as needles, scissors, pencils, or knives. Overseas, there was also a case in which a man in his 50s who was unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine died after being infected with COVID-19 because of his fear of advanced technology.

For this reason, experts point out that other methods such as gas anesthesia had to be used if there was acrophobia.

Park Jin-sil, a drug lawyer, said in an interview with TV Chosun, "There are things that are unavoidable because people have different constitutions, but addicts take advantage of it."

Meanwhile, on March 7th, the police confirmed that Yu A In's house in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, where he actually lives, and Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, where he is registered as a resident, It turned out that each house was searched in a certain place. After completing the search of the house, the police plan to summon Yu A In around March 14th to confirm the administration history of the four drugs detected.

Published : 2023/03/17 09:37 KST

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