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  • No. 2 of Korean cult religion "JMS" admits crime of Jung Myung Suk = Korea
No. 2 of Korean cult religion "JMS" admits crime of Jung Myung Suk = Korea
The No. 2 Christian Evangelical Missionary Society (JMS), which is called the "symbol of the Holy Spirit," effectively admitted the criminal acts of President Jeong Myung-seok, saying, "I repent in front of God."

In the early hours of March 13th, the JMS victim community was arrested and indicted on suspicion of quasi-rape, etc., and the "Number 2" Chung Jo-eun, who was known as the successor to Jeong, admitted to committing the crime.

This is a service video that is believed to have been filmed at a church in Gyeonggi-do the day before. For God's sake: a betrayed faith," he admitted the suspicions related to President Jeong, who was treated in subsequent reports.

“The best time to clean up past mistakes is right now,” Chung said.

The victims' community has also posted a part of the recording of the meeting Mr. Chung held with the attendees after the service.

According to the recorded data, Mr. Jeong said, "The judicial proceedings (against President Jeong) will be carried out in a fair manner, and everything will be carried out according to evidence and legal proceedings", he said.

Jeong said, "The highest doctrine of our providential history is to protect carnal love so much that it is cut off from the world, and to achieve the purpose of creation while putting spiritual love first. "There are people who interpret the meaning as carnal love and have hidden it for decades, while ostensibly talking about spiritual love and actually claiming carnal love," he said.

He continued, "I was evangelized at the end of 1998 (I was 17 at the time), and I vaguely understood." For the past 10 years, he has only shouted “soul love” and countered, “I prevented women from entering within a three-meter radius of the teacher (President Jeong).”

Jeong said, "In order to completely cut off this long, long circle of carnal love, no matter what kind of trials I face, I must first repent and reveal the truth." Repent, and repent of the truth before God, not because I insisted on carnal love, and believed it to be true, and thought it was my will, but I was involved in the atmosphere when I was young and I didn't understand it. He continued to make remarks that avoided responsibility.

In particular, he said, "For the past year, the representative of the sect has constantly prevented me from talking about this," adding that the content was not discussed with the sect.

Under the name of the group of elders, JMS is responding by completely denying the content of Jeong's worship service and exposing Jeong's corruption within the church.

Published : 2023/03/17 09:18 KST

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