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  • Actress Kim Su Mi gave a house to daughter-in-law Seo HyoRim... "I thought she was hurt by my son's fraud..."
Actress Kim Su Mi gave a house to daughter-in-law Seo HyoRim... "I thought she was hurt by my son's fraud..."
Actress Kim Su Mi revealed why she donated her house to actress & daughter-in-law Seo HyoRim.

Kim Su Mi appeared as a guest on KBS 1TV 'Morning Garden' broadcasted on the 24th (today).

On this day, Kim Su Mi confessed that she was able to endure more than 50 years of marriage thanks to her mother-in-law. Kim Su Mi said, "It's a story that shows my embarrassment, but my mother-in-law persevered and before I gave birth to my second child, she said, 'Sumi, you have no future. Get a divorce.'"

She continued, "He gave me a building in Sinsa-dong (Seoul), saying, 'I'll make it possible for you to live without relying on others, even if you don't have to work as an entertainer.' I'm sorry,' so I said, 'I can't leave my mother. I'll live with my mother.' But [her husband] turned 50 and she seems to have grown up. It took her so long," she laughed.

Kim Su Mi, who was so loved by her mother-in-law, decided to take over the love. Kim Su Mi said, "Since I have a son, I thought, 'When I meet his wife next time, I will treat her with the love my mother-in-law gave me.' I look at it as a human and a woman. When there is something, I think from the bottom of my heart as a woman and a woman." She added, "If my mother-in-law had seen me as a bride, would she have asked me to leave without living with your son? Not even the mother of her parents can do that. She saw me as a person"

Kim Su Mi said, "About two years after our marriage, my daughter-in-law was chased by the media that her son was involved in a fraud case. I gave her my house as a gift so that she wouldn't get hurt."

While doing so, she said, "If I get a divorce because my feelings have changed, I can only receive 50 million won in legal alimony. So I thought, 'You can live happily with your baby with this money.' But if you really don't want to live like that, you don't have to.' Of course, it's just a what-if." she explained.

Earlier, in 2020, Kim Su Mi's son and CEO of food company Napalkot F&B, Jung Myung Ho signed a joint business with Hwang, CEO of Dial Anchor Co., Ltd. in 2018, and Kim Su Mi's portrait rights. In order to be able to produce, distribute and sell real products using , the conditions were presented to give exclusive authority, and the profits were agreed to be divided 5 to 5, but it was suspected of fraud etc. was sued in At that time, Jung Myung-ho took legal action, saying, "Regarding the fraud part, the company has never given Dialanchor the exclusive food business authority."

Jung Myung Ho married Seo HyoRim in 2019 and has a daughter.

Published : 2023/01/25 14:56 KST

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