Actors Song JaeHee & Ji So Yeon, who overcame infertility treatment and had their first child, reveal their feelings, "I'll be a better parent."
Actor Song JaeHee (43) & Ji So Young (36), who gave birth to their first child, revealed their feelings.

On the 23rd, Ji So Yeon posted her feelings after successfully giving birth through SNS. "I am resting well in the hospital, eating New Year's soup and recovering," she continued, "I am truly grateful to those who prayed with me and sent me messages of joy."

She added, "With a lot of emotions and gazes that I've never felt before, I think, 'We all came to this world like this,' but this world looks different, and I want to be a better parent. I came to think of it," and posted a photo showing a bright smile with her husband Song JaeHee.

After that, Ji So Yeon said, "I thought that there was something that made my heart jump after getting so old. I hope that in 2023, this year will be full of happy events and memories."

Meanwhile, Ji So Yeon married actor Song JaeHee in 2017. The two overcame fertility treatment and announced their pregnancy and a healthy girl was born on the 20th.
2023/01/24 14:25 KST