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  • 'The Glory' Song Hye Kyo, "Don't laugh so much!'' Why do you cry...? Season 2 preview released
'The Glory' Song Hye Kyo, "Don't laugh so much!'' Why do you cry...? Season 2 preview released
※ Contents that may be synopsis and spoilers are included.

Ahead of the release of Season 2, "The Glory ^Glorious Revenge^" (hereafter referred to as "The Glory") released a special video, and spoilers for Season 2 made hearts flutter.

On the 23rd, the YouTube channel 'Netflix Korea' posted a video titled 'The Glory Special Video: To Nostalgic Youngjin'.

In the video, Moon Dong-woon (Song Hye Kyo) wrote his last letter to Park Young-jin (Im Jiyeon), the perpetrator of the school violence that tormented him.

Moon Dong-woon said, "Dear Youngjin, I've been thinking about it every day, Youngjin. Where can I meet you again? When I see you again, I forget your name and forget your face. Who are you?" Please don't remember me."

She continued, "The foot that stood at the forefront of others' pain and all the feet that walked side by side. The mouth that laughed loudly at the misfortune of others, and all the mouths that combined the back of the mouth. The fishy eyes and the gentle eyes. All the eyes that met, all the hands you taunted and broke and all the hands you held, and your soul that rejoiced in every moment."

Along with that, she wrote, "I hope you still want to see me dance, Youngjin. Of course, it's a rogue sword dance. My Youngjin, who I wanted to kill. This is my last letter."

Season 2 spoilers have also been revealed along with Moon Dong-woon's final letter. In the video, you can see the transformation of various characters.

You can see Lee Sarah (Kim Hee-ah) with bleached hair, Joo Yeojung (Lee Do-hyun) holding a syringe at Park Youngjin, and Park Youngjin smiling bitterly with a hairpin.

In addition, the image of Moon Dong-woon yelling at someone, "Don't laugh so much!", a fire accident, and a woman with a lot of burns on her arms made the second season even more exciting.

The Glory ^Shining Revenge^ Season 2 will be released on March 10th.

Published : 2023/01/24 14:54 KST

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