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  • Child actress Kim Ji Young, "Legal response" to "ex-boyfriend exposure"
Child actress Kim Ji Young, "Legal response" to "ex-boyfriend exposure"
Child actress Kim Ji Young, "Legal response" to "ex-boyfriend exposure"
Actress Kim Ji Young (18), opened her mouth to the revelation of a person who claims to be her ex.

On the 23rd, Kim Jiyeon apologized, "Hello, this is actress Kim Jiyeon."

"I am currently preparing legal action with my parents regarding the content of the article and related issues. I am sorry to hear the bad news during the Lunar New Year holidays. I will talk about another ongoing issue in the future." she said.

Earlier, Mr. A, who called himself Kim Jiyeon's ex, said, "I thought I wouldn't expose it, but I'm posting this post after worrying about it for six months. In addition, even though the house has hundreds of millions of won in debt, I helped Kim Jiyeon live alone because her parents' created debts. My parents paid for the rent, of course., (Kim Ji Young) suddenly left home one day and told me not to contact her because she was dating someone else. Claimed no contact."

He added, "My father works as a proxy driver after only four hours of sleep because of the money problem. The same goes for mothers. I don't want to see people living without thinking on TV. As soon as I pay back the money, I'll write it down."

Published : 2023/01/24 14:47 KST

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