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  • [Full text] Ari of "Yellow Bee" completely denied the reason for breakup presented by the office... "There was sexual harassment and unfair treatment"
[Full text] Ari of "Yellow Bee" completely denied the reason for breakup presented by the office... "There was sexual harassment and unfair treatment"
Ari "Yellow Bee" denied the dismissal claims. Ali did not receive the payment from the management office, but rather revealed that he suffered from sexual harassment.

Ari "Yellow Bee" posted a long essay on SNS last month. Ari said, "I was told by the office that the members' morals were disturbed, but I do not know what the "disorder" said by the office meant," she said, "disorder is factless. It wasn't the member who did the disorderly behavior, but the office did."

Ali confessed she hadn't been payed, revealing that she couldn't get legitimate treatment from the office. The members of "Yellow Bee" had no staff at the airport at the time of their schedule in Japan, and they purchased plane tickets and went to Japan with their luggage. In Japan, the members of "Yellow Bee" explained that they could not receive any care.

Prior to this, Addiction Entertainment of the management office of "Yellow Bee" said on SNS, "Yellow Bee, which debuted in 2017, prepared a DVD for the 3rd digital single album, and even replaced all existing members" I was going to continue "Yellow Bee", but I was worried because the gap between the office and each member was not narrowed, including the fact that Mr. B's private life was disturbed among the members. It will be dissolved by the company's internal meeting decision."

Addiction Entertainment is currently closing all SNS accounts associated with "Yellow Bee."

Below is the full text of the SNS post by Ari from "Yellow Bee"

Hello, it's Ari.

Thank you for your understanding even with the irregular writing.

First of all, as things grew so big, we realized that we had to clarify.

We are not a well-known group to be able to write a clarifications, but we are confused by such a great deal of interest because we are receiving more interest than the articles that are out now when we debuted. That's because the story expanded.

The office said that the members were out of order, but I don't know what the word "chaotic" said by the office meant. Is it just nasty when men and women stand outside together? Nastyness is truly rootless and the office exaggerated. It is not an exaggeration to say that the member did not carry out lewd behavior but the office did.

First of all, there was an action to sexually harass the person concerned and the manager to the office. The person who was involved went to the practice room with a member and tried to do the wrong thing, there was everyone in the situation, and the only person who stopped taking it was member. Also, there are physical contacts such as saying call me Oppa (Korean for older men), touching the thighs, and the former manager said, "I will give you children, so lets go to a hotel", it was difficult to say, such as the phrase "you will have to search for a father yourself."

And I was often called at dawn and to recommended sake to those who seemed to be investors. We all went through secretly with only one desire to be a singer.

At that time, it was really shocking and I still have trauma in my memory. Also, there was no production at all, and there was a part where we directly did video editing of costumes and shoes. And even for the Japanese schedule, one representative of the office departed at 5 o'clock in the early morning, but there was only one person who took us, and we were up to 5 o'clock at Gimpo, took us to the airport, handed us one card, and left, saying that I should buy an airplane ticket and go to Japan.

We had never booked an airplane and only Leader Ryu had a phone, so in order to get an airplane ticket with just one phone, we made contact and made a purchase.

I couldn't get expensive flights, and it took some time to find cheap flights. The time at that time was 1:00 pm. We sat still at Gimpo Airport for 8 hours. However, even that ticket was at Incheon Airport, we had no staff, all the costumes, album posters, and personal belongings. We moved to Incheon Airport and took a plane.

So when in Japan it was only 5 members, one staff member. Everyone who was there knew. The representative of the office returned to Korea earlier.

This is not an act of lewdness, but it was not justified. Other than that, we said that we would quit because of more unjustified treatment, not that we would quit due to the lewd life of that member.

What I have just said is just a few of the unjustified treatments we have received. At the beginning, they were in conflict with each other because the office was disordered, but since it was nothing, it was a story of exchanging the debut that was practiced hard and achieved with the dissolution of ``Yellow Bee'' It doesn't.

This is a matter that is also written when sending the content certificate to the office. We don't know how to get out, as the office is pushing us with the bad guys, we write a statement on behalf. Thank you for reading the long sentence.

Published : 2020/08/01 22:00 KST

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