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  • Cha EUN WOO (ASTRO)'s sweet singing voice... Surprise collaboration with Peder Elias
Cha EUN WOO (ASTRO)'s sweet singing voice... Surprise collaboration with Peder Elias
Cha EUN WOO of the boy group "ASTRO" performed a collaboration stage with Peder Elias.

Cha EUN WOO recently posted a video titled 'Cha EUN WOO's special encounter' as the first content on his YouTube channel 'Cha EUN WOO CHAEUNWOO'.

In the video released on the day, Cha EUN WOO revealed that he is a fan of singer-songwriter Peder Elias. He said, "Recently, I sent a direct message first, but I didn't get a reply. When I was waiting, he suggested that we work together."

Having chosen "Bonfire" by Peder Elias as his duet song, he said, "It's an interesting and exciting song that we can enjoy together. I decided to sing a warm song because it's getting cold these days."

Then, as soon as Peder Elias appeared, Cha EUN WOO smiled brightly and was happy to meet him, while joking, "Why didn't you reply to my message?" To this, Peder Elias replied, "I have to make up for it. You have the most followers out of all the people who have sent me DMs," making everyone laugh.

The full-fledged collaboration stage began, and Cha EUN WOO sang the first bar with a sweet voice along with Peder Elias' guitar playing. Along with the romantic lyrics, the sweet harmony of Cha EUN WOO and Peder Elias echoes and makes the heart flutter.

The two who showed a perfect collaboration stage left a certification photo at the end. In particular, Cha EUN WOO added a warm atmosphere by presenting a seal engraved with the name of Peder Elias.

Cha EUN WOO, who opened a YouTube channel for the first time since his debut to communicate with fans in and out of Korea, selected music as the first content and showed his versatile side and received a good response.

On the other hand, Cha EUN WOO held an individual fan meeting tour in 5 Asian countries after completing his 3rd full-length album activities as "ASTRO" this year and met with about 50,000 fans. In addition, he has appeared in the movie 'Decibel' released on the 16th of this month and the TVING original series 'Island' which STREAM will start in December, continuing his various steps as an actor.

Published : 2022/11/25 14:40 KST

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