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  • Raki (ASTRO)'s `` activity suspension rumor '' denied by the agency
Raki (ASTRO)'s `` activity suspension rumor '' denied by the agency
The agency has denied that rumors about boy group "ASTRO" Laki's suspension of activities are spreading on the internet.

Raki's management office Fantagio said on the 24th, "We apologize to the fans who have been hurt by the rumors related to our artist Laki, which is spreading on the Internet. We would like to inform you that all the content related to 'suspension' is groundless."

In addition, the agency said, "We express our regret to a certain brand that spread false information about the 'suspension' that we have never mentioned, and we are waiting for a response by requesting an announcement and apology in order to resolve it amicably. However, we decided that we could not wait any longer, so we decided to announce our official position."

Prior to this, it was rumored that a certain brand had announced to some netizens that ``Rakhi has suspended his activities'' in connection with the ASTRO event, and Rakhi's ``promotional suspension theory'' spread.

Meanwhile, there was a rumor recently that Raki was in love with actress Park Bo-young. At first, Park Bo-young denied the rumor, saying it was not a special relationship, but Rocky admitted that they were getting to know each other little by little, causing confusion.

Published : 2022/11/25 14:25 KST

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