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  • Poland's president "Ukraine defends itself"..."Responsibility of collision is on Russia"
Poland's president "Ukraine defends itself"..."Responsibility of collision is on Russia"
On November 16th (local time), Polish President Andrzej Duda said about the missile attack that occurred in Poland, "It occurred in the process of Ukraine defending itself against a large-scale Russian attack, and it was not an intentional attack."

At a press conference that day, President Duda said, "There is absolutely no evidence that the previous day's incident was a deliberate attack on Poland. There is also no evidence that Russia launched a missile", he said.

"It was not a deliberate act that the missile fell on our territory," Duda said.

Earlier in the afternoon, two farmers were killed in an area near the Polish-Ukrainian border. Immediately after the bombing, some analysts said it was a missile launched by Russia, but the US analyzed that it was an accidental missile fired by the Ukrainian military. The day before, Russia launched about 100 missiles at Kyiv (Kyiv) and other major Ukrainian cities, resuming large-scale air raids.

"The responsibility for this incident lies not with Ukraine, but with Russia," Duda said. "Ukraine naturally defends itself by launching air defense missiles that shoot down Russian missiles, and yesterday's clash was caused by Russia," he said.

Published : 2022/11/25 09:50 KST

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