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  • Fashion now! K-pop idols with stylish tattoos
Fashion now! K-pop idols with stylish tattoos
Tattoos are now a fashion sensation, but K-pop idols seem to enjoy the culture casually. This time we will feature K-POP idols with stylish tattoos!

"Jung Kook"
Jung Kook, a member of the Korean boy group BTS, is famous for his stylish tattoos covering the back of his right hand and arm. At the base of the finger is the letter "ARMY", which is the fan name of "BTS". He is also known for having a microphone on his arm, which is indispensable for idols, and a clock tattoo.
Recently, not only Jung Kook, but all members of BTS have become Hot Topic because they all have friendship tattoos with the same "7" motif.

MINO, a member of the Korean boy group WINNER, has tattoos all over his body, including his decollete, armpits, shoulders, and arms. The tattoos are full of individuality, including Korean words, illustrations, and lettering. It may be a choice because he has an excellent sense of art.

"Chae Young"
Chae Young of the Korean girl group "TWICE" is characterized by many small tattoos that look like cute illustrations. There are various motifs such as a heart with an arrow behind the ear, small strawberries and carrots on the arms, and flowers on the fingertips. Recently, however, she has become a Hot Topic for his large tattoos on her tight arm and waist. Although he hides it in music program costumes, it seems that he freely shows off her tattoos in concerts and in photos posted on personal SNS, so many fans know about her.

It is speculated that TAEMIN of the Korean boy group "SHINee" has tattoos on his arms and waist, although the full picture has not been clarified. It is said that he has an illustration of a burning heart on his arm, and a tattoo on his waist that is slightly transparent due to his MV costume. Fans' airport photos and videos have confirmed that he has a fire heart tattoo on his arm, but it is still unknown what kind of illustration the tattoo on his waist is. I wonder if the day will come when it will be revealed from the mouth of the person himself.

Minhyuk of the Korean boy group "MONSTA X" has large tattoos on his back and thighs. She has a mirrored rose tattoo on her back and a large tattoo of a whale on her thigh. His favorite flower is a rose, so he got a tattoo on his back to say, "Love yourself." In addition, he has a big whale tattoo on his right thigh because he loves whales. It's a tattoo that you can't see in music program costumes, but it's often seen in private clothes and magazine shoots.

Published : 2022/11/24 14:58 KST

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