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  • Just mouthful "Thorough hygiene management" ... McDonald's hamburger foreign matter turned out to be an insect = Korea
Just mouthful "Thorough hygiene management" ... McDonald's hamburger foreign matter turned out to be an insect = Korea
Recently, it has been revealed that the foreign substance found in a McDonald's hamburger in Incheon is actually an insect mixed with lettuce, and consumers continue to worry about hygiene.

Most of all, McDonald's has announced that it will prevent similar incidents through thorough hygiene management every time it receives complaints about foreign objects, but various troubles with foreign objects continue.

According to South Korea's McDonald's on November 16th, a supplier's investigation of the foreign matter collected at a McDonald's store in Incheon confirmed that it was an earwig mixed with lettuce.

In response, McDonald's announced that it has changed the lettuce farms at all stores to prevent a recurrence.

"We will reinforce the management staff, strengthen the product inspection procedure, and take measures to thoroughly manage the quality of ingredients at each sales floor," it said.

A McDonald's official said, "Insects on lettuce farms are more likely to occur in colder weather, so we have switched suppliers to farms in the southern region where the temperature is warmer."

Prior to this, on November 6th, the store received a complaint from a customer that "insects came out while eating a hamburger."

Mr.A, a customer, ordered and ate the Max Spicy Shanghai Burger Set, and found a foreign object in the shape of a black worm.

When he protested by taking a picture of the food, the sales staff apologized to Mr.A and immediately recalled the product along with a refund.

At that time, Mr.A posted a sentence on the online community, "It wasn't a whole insect, but it was cut in half. I was so surprised that I almost vomited, so I just took a picture and wrapped it up and brought it to the register", he said.

He continued, "When I inquired on the (internet) homepage, I got a call from the head office and said, 'We are sorry. We'll contact you after taking measures.'"

Prior to this, on October 28th, at a McDonald's store in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, a customer ordered a Shanghai burger and had a stomachache after eating a long worm. was treated with McDonald's recalled the product and confirmed that the insect was moth larvae that had been contaminated at a lettuce farm.

Furthermore, McDonald's apologized after finding a parasite in a hamburger sold by a store in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, on October 2nd.

Published : 2022/11/24 09:46 KST

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