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  • Korean-style "K-jammer" to catch North Korean drones ... "development" for about $19M
Korean-style "K-jammer" to catch North Korean drones ... "development" for about $19M
Research and development of a South Korean-style 'jammer' (K-Jammer) to block North Korean airspace entry into North Korea's airspace begins.

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Agency announced on November 22nd that it will start a system development project for a small unmanned aerial system (Block-I) under the control of a business entity.

Approximately 24.4 billion won (about US$19 million) will be invested in the project from November to January 2026.

Small unmanned aerial vehicle response systems are electronic warfare equipment that can be deployed in the forward area and can prevent North Korean drones from entering the airspace. It is a 'Korean-style jammer' that jams, limits, or degrades the use of an enemy's communications or radar system.

In particular, it adopted the "soft kill" method, which uses state-of-the-art technology to neutralize the effects of hostile weapons without physical destruction.

LIG Next One, a South Korean defence company that has been in charge of electronic warfare equipment systems for more than 40 years, was selected as the company in charge of system development, signing a contract and starting the project.

The "Block-I" system for responding to small unmanned aircraft is linked to the local air defence radar and the air defence command, control, and warning system. It can be radiated out of a path or guided to a crash.

According to the Defense Acquisition Agency, "In future Block-II development, we will gradually expand the functions of the system for small unmanned aerial vehicles, such as by adding a self-detection radar and a video identification device."

"Once the development is completed, it will strengthen the electronic warfare attack power to deal with North Korean drones, and greatly improve the mission capabilities of frontline units," said Kim Tae-gon, director of the Defense Acquisition Agency. It is expected that exports will also contribute to the revitalization of the defence industry."

Published : 2022/11/24 09:40 KST

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