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  • "Prince Bin Salman spends 100 million won for tableware alone in Korea".. Painting worth 380M was once sold
"Prince Bin Salman spends 100 million won for tableware alone in Korea".. Painting worth 380M was once sold
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who visited Korea for the first time in 3 years and 5 months and made a strong impression with an investment of over 40 trillion won (about US$39 billion) in about 20 hours, on only tableware. It was reported that he spent 100 million won (about $70,000) on a plate.

On November 18th, the South Korean newspaper Daily Economy reported that Prince Bin Salman spent 100 million won (about $70,000) on the previous day at Lotte Hotel in Goseong-dong, Seoul, where he was staying, for breakfast and afternoon tea.

It is interpreted as "halal" according to Islamic law. Drinks containing pork and alcohol are prohibited, and only food that has been halal-certified according to strict standards can be eaten, but the tableware provided by the hotel may have been served with non-certified food.

It was also reported that Crown Prince Bin Salman tended to avoid using tableware that had been used by others.

In addition to tableware, various furniture such as sofas and beds in the hotel room where Crown Prince Bin Salman stayed were brought from the country and installed directly, and electronic devices such as televisions were installed to reduce the risk of wiretapping. It turned out to be cleared up.

Security in the room was tight. About 40 bulletproof glass windows were installed in all the rooms used by Crown Prince bin Salman, according to reports, and about 200 Saudi officials remained after the crown prince finished using the rooms. We removed hair and fingerprints that exposed biometric information.

Before Crown Prince Bin Salman's visit to Korea, it was revealed that he had reserved an executive suite at Lotte Hotel, which costs 22 million won (about $17,000) per night, and about 400 rooms for two weeks before and after his visit to Korea.

Although not counted accurately, Prince Bin Salman's fortune is said to range from 1,400 trillion won (about $1,000 billion) to 2,500 trillion won (about $1,900 billion).

In November 2017, "Salvator Mundi", known as the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the master of Renaissance art, was put up for auction at New York Christie's in the United States, and a purchaser who did not disclose his identity. It was sold for $450 million (about $320,000), the highest amount in history at the time, by a third party, but it is known that the successful bidder was Crown Prince bin Salman.

Published : 2022/11/24 09:24 KST

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