"$200 per night"... Fans rumble about Qatar WC tourist accommodation: "Get tired before cheering" = Korean coverage
Soccer fans are buzzing with the opening of the "Fan Village", a lodging facility for tourists who are preparing for the opening of the "2022 FIFA World Cup (World Cup) Qatar."

Near Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, a container-type accommodation facility with about 6,000 rooms has appeared. It is intended for tourists visiting Qatar to watch the World Cup.

According to the organizing committee, the "fan village" was set up in a 3.1-square-kilometer space equipped with subway stations and bus stops. Artificial turf is laid on the road between the accommodation facilities, and a temporary restaurant can be seen along the road. Up to two people can stay in one room, and a total of 12,000 people can be accommodated.

However, when the "Fan Village" was opened to the public, foreign media and others pointed out the "badness" of the facility. Looking at the published photos, there are two beds, a small table, a chair, an air conditioner, and a toilet with a shower booth in a space of about 3 pyeong. Soccer fans who saw the photo responded, "I can hear the sounds next door," and "I'll get tired before cheering."

Some say the price is too high. The 'Fun Village' costs $200 per night and about $270 when you add meals. Some fans complained, "It's a shame to pay so much for a room that's like a toilet."

The organizing committee expects the facility to be fully occupied before the opening on November 21st. That's why they recommends watching the World Cup in neighboring countries such as Bahrain.
2022/11/24 09:18 KST