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  • Singer Park Ji Hoon (former WannaOne), from "WINK man" to OTT star... TV Series "Weak Hero" opens the second act of Park Ji Hoon
Singer Park Ji Hoon (former WannaOne), from "WINK man" to OTT star... TV Series "Weak Hero" opens the second act of Park Ji Hoon
Singer Park Ji Hoon (former WannaOne), from "WINK man" to OTT star... TV Series "Weak Hero" opens the second act of Park Ji Hoon
From idol to actor. "WANNA ONE" former member Park Ji Hoon has entered the second act of his life in the entertainment industry. Park Ji Hoon, who rose to stardom with just WINK in Mnet's 'Produce 101 Season 2', left a strong impression as an actor through the wavve original series 'Weak Hero' and started a new career.

'Weak Hero Class 1', which was released on the 18th, is the top 1% honor student Yong Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon), along with his first friends Suho (Choi Hyun Wook) and Bum Suk (Hong Kyung). It is a strong action growth TV series of a weak boy, depicting the process of confronting the violence of the world.

In this work, Park Ji Hoon played the role of the main character, Yeon Si Eun. In the drama, Yeon Si-eun is a spontaneous outsider who has no interest in anything other than studying. Young Si-eun's only concern, 'study', is disturbed, and she confronts the gangster who was bullying her. Although he has never been in a fight, he uses his innate intelligence and the theories he has learned to easily subdue a bad group, but he is involved in a different incident and experiences growing pains.

Park Ji Hoon has been well received for his acting, delicately portraying Yong Si Eun's lethargic gaze and the process of going through a storm of emotions. Here, he completed the three-dimensional Yong Si-eun by lightly digesting the action performance. Yong Si-eun's emotional line is important because she is the main character in the play, but Park Ji-hoon's undisturbed acting has led to hits despite the prejudice of 'idol former member'.

Immediately after its release, the TV series 'Weak Hero' recorded the number one paid subscriber for wavve 2022. On the 20th, Kino Lights, an OTT (video stream service) integrated search and content recommendation platform, also announced that the youngest son of a zaibatsu family and the first responders emergency dispatch team (original title: police station next to the fire station) ) and other works, it took first place in "Today's Content", proving its Hot Topic nature. The reaction overseas is also amazing. In addition to iQIYI America and Taiwan, KOCOWA on the Viki channel also recorded a score of 9.9 and viral is spreading.

The reason why Park Ji Hoon's success is getting more attention is because he is an idol of the audition program former member. Park Ji Hoon was selected as one of the final 11 members who will be confirmed to debut as a group in Season 2 of Mnet's survival program 'Produce 101'. With cute WINK, he earned the nickname 'WINK man' and left a charming buzzword 'Save in my heart'. After the end of the activity period of "WANNA ONE", he continued to work as a solo singer, JTBC "Coppadan ~ Matchmaker in love ~", Web TV Series "Love Revolution", KBS2 "Blue spring when seen from afar", Netflix "Second marriage game" ( Original title: "Black Bride") has been active as an actor through numerous works.

However, Park Ji Hoon has not achieved any particular achievements as an actor so far, and has not been noticed among the "acting idols" of the same age. Therefore, expectations for the TV series 'Weak Hero' starring Park Ji Hoon were not high. However, after the release of the work, the atmosphere is reversed. Abandoning the "boy beauty" that was loved during the idol era, he opened a new path as an actor.

Culture critic Jung Duk-hyun said, "Park Ji Hoon has always had a preconceived notion about her image as an actor because of her title as an idol, but in this work, Park Ji Hoon's performance blended well. It's not easy, but we did it well and got good reviews." He continued, “Park Ji Hoon has a rich potential for emotional acting, and the fact that he is a former member of an idol group is an advantage when digesting action. It will be a big turning point in my life," he said.

Published : 2022/11/23 14:55 KST

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