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  • HYBE's first Japanese group '& TEAM', chart No.1 with debut song MV co-starred with Kentaro Sakaguchi
HYBE's first Japanese group '& TEAM', chart No.1 with debut song MV co-starred with Kentaro Sakaguchi
"HYBE's first Japanese group" & TEAM's debut song "Under the skin" reached the top of the chart at the same time as its release.

"&TEAM" (K, FUMA, NICHOLAS, EJ, YUMA, JO, HARUA, TAKI, MAKI) belonging to HYBE LABELS JAPAN released the MV and sound source of their debut song "Under the skin" today (22nd) at 0:00. Two hours after its release, 'Under the skin' topped LINE MUSIC's real-time 'Music Video Top 100' chart. On the 22nd at 2:00 am, the real-time 'Music Top 100' chart recorded a high number of 11th place, signaling a good start.

The hot reaction toward 'HYBE’s first Japanese group' was also seen on terrestrial broadcasting. Representative morning programs such as Fuji TV's "Mezamashi TV" and NTV's "Oha! .

The music video for "Under the skin" is based on werewolves and captures the moment when nine isolated boys realize each other's existence and become one. The video begins with Kentaro Sakaguchi, an actor who played a bruised werewolf, leaving a will to K, saying, "No matter how scary or painful it is, when there is something you want to protect, you must show courage." , Shows overwhelming visual beauty with a cinematic production from the first scene. K is trapped in the darkness with fear and loneliness, but the 8 members spotted him with a flashlight and the song began, intersecting the story of the 9 boys and the performance scene of '& TEAM'. Show and increase immersion. Nine boys, who had been living isolated lives in different spaces, begin to say, "I'm right here." A small cry becomes a howling that attracts friends, and they finally become a team when they realize each other's existence.

'& TEAM' MV for "Under the skin", shows the culmination of HYBE's success know-how. An interesting story that unfolds in various backgrounds such as schools, gymnasiums, swimming pools, LP shops, amusement parks, and port towns, and the members' perfect visuals and sensual productions are in harmony to create a highly complete MV. Music that makes you feel emotional just by listening to it and TV Series-like choreography are added, raising expectations for the stage of '& TEAM'. In this video, "& TEAM" made a strong impression on global K-POP fans by showing the ambition of connecting various worlds and the standard of "HYBE's sharp dance".

Published : 2022/11/23 14:47 KST

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