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  • The real reason for Lee Seung Gi's "HOOK loss cut", because of his love affair with Lee DaIn and Park Min Young former boyfriend problem? “I want to avoid mud fights”…Analyzed by YouTuber
The real reason for Lee Seung Gi's "HOOK loss cut", because of his love affair with Lee DaIn and Park Min Young former boyfriend problem? “I want to avoid mud fights”…Analyzed by YouTuber
Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has revealed his conflict with HOOK Entertainment (hereafter, HOOK), which he has been with for 18 years since his debut.

On the afternoon of the 21st, YouTuber Lee Jinho posted a video titled "The real reason why Lee Seung Gi cut off his relationship with Hook" on the YouTube channel "Lee Jinho".

Earlier on the same day, it was reported that Lee Seung Gi had not received a single penny from HOOK for the 18 years since his debut, and had sent a proof of content.

Regarding this, Lee Jinho said, "When Lee Seung Gi sent the proof of content, it was shortly after the article on 'HOOK's house raid' came out. Lee Seung Gi prepared this proof of content in advance. It means that it is not possible to prepare and send it all at once, so it has to be accurate and sensitive.As a result, Lee Seung Gi is in the process of preparing the content certification at the management office's house. A serious incident called a search has occurred.It means that an advantageous environment has been created for Lee Seung Gi.In addition, the fact that the management office sent a content certificate during a difficult time means that Lee said, ``I will end with the management office.'' It can be seen as a clear expression of Seung Gi's will."

He added, "The reason why Lee Seung Gi sent the content certification was that he did not receive the money properly as reported. We have been in a relationship for 18 years, so how many businesses have we done together? However, the breakdown that Lee Seung Gi took issue with HOOK was only one item.What is the reason?There are two interpretations.Before sending the content certification, legally shrewdly check the relevant content. I think you've considered it, and I sent you the most important content.This is the most vulnerable content for HOOK to explain.The other is Lee Seung Gi's consideration.The item that really raises the issue. I wonder if there was only one.If you look at the problem in detail, you should be able to raise tens of thousands of cases, but the fact that you did only one seems to be an expression of your intention not to mess with it.To be integrated, Lee Seung Gi's this time. The content-certified shipment of ``I don't want to mess with it, so I want you to let it go clean'' is a clear statement of intent."

In addition, Lee Jinho asked, "Why is Lee Seung Gi renewing his contract the other day and trying to release HOOK again on his own?" It's because of the relationship.After Lee Seung Gi and Lee DaIn revealed their love relationship, there was a strange air current between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK, who had been so muddy.Lee Seung Gi and HOOK in May this year. After breaking up, he became independent, but at this point, he was caught in a relationship with Lee DaIn and received tremendous criticism from the public.In the end, he teamed up with HOOK again, but it was after this that a strange trend began to flow. Although the business continued to communicate as before, it is said that Lee Seung Gi showed a sensitive reaction to HOOK only when it came to the girlfriend issue.Even the officials created a situation where Lee Seung Gi himself could not ask directly. It is said that he often asked the reporters what the situation was.It was not understood why Lee Seung Gi was so sensitive to the girlfriend issue." .

He continued, "The second reason Lee Seung Gi wants to leave HOOK is because of the risk of Park Min Young's former boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun. It is possible that the actors under the agency will be hit hard, but it is said that HOOK did not provide any explanation or explanation for this issue.In the anxiety about this issue, Lee Seung Gi was even searched his house. It seems that trust in the management office has been completely lost through this process."

Lee Jinho said, "It seems that Lee Seung Gi's mind has already changed. The two have had time to talk for at least a week, so Lee Seung Gi has no position from HOOK's side even after the content certification was sent." It seems that the two have become irreparably related."

On the afternoon of the 21st, Kwon Jin Young, CEO of HOOK, said, "Recently, there have been negative stories about our company and myself through the media, and many people are embarrassed regardless of whether it is true or not. I feel embarrassed and apologetic because I am ignorant and immoral." He added, "Currently, we are in the process of sorting out the facts to confirm the facts, and there is room for legal treatment in the future, so we will refrain from expressing our position." We ask for your understanding once again," he expressed his official position.

Published : 2022/11/22 14:58 KST

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