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  • <Itaewon Accident> Seoul Police Headquarters "Request for riot police by chief of Yongsan is untrue... Only request for traffic riot police” = Korea
<Itaewon Accident> Seoul Police Headquarters "Request for riot police by chief of Yongsan is untrue... Only request for traffic riot police” = Korea
Former Yongsan police chief Lee Im-jae's claim that he requested the Seoul National Police Agency to deploy riot police before the Itaewon disaster occurred was found to be false.

According to the Special Investigation Headquarters of the Seoul National Police Agency, which is investigating the Itaewon disaster on November 18th, the Yongsan Police Station requested the traffic riot police before the tragedy occurred, but requested the security riot police. was not found.

Special Investigation Spokesperson Kim Dong-wook explained, "The statement that former Yongsan Police Chief Lee instructed an employee to request riot police is also different from the Yongsan Police Station employee's statement. We are continuing to investigate the facts."

Prior to this, former Yongsan police chief Lee attended a pending question at the National Assembly Administration and Safety Committee plenary session on the 16th as a witness and said, "In order to maintain order at the Itaewon Halloween festival, riot police should be deployed in the Seoul office. When asked by lawmakers whether he made a request, he replied, "I have requested it twice."

When asked, "How did you make the request specifically?", he replied, "I instructed the competent department to request the most efficient riot police for the Halloween festival, and the official in question provided support to the competent department of Seoul." He continued, "However, we received a response from the Seoul Metropolitan Government saying, 'There will be many rallies and demonstrations on that day, so it will be difficult to provide support.'"

Spokesperson Kim spoke about the removal of the offices of Minister of Administration and Security Lee Sang-min and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hun during the search of Seoul's homes the previous day. "We selected the target based on the investigation situation so far and the necessity of the house search."

At the time of the tragedy, Superintendent Ryu Mi-jin, who was the situation manager of the 112 Situation Room of the Seoul National Police Agency, was effectively found guilty of neglecting his duties. Spokesperson Kim said, "We have confirmed that police officer Ryu was not in the situation room at the time of the tragedy."

In the afternoon of this day, the special investigation book summoned General Police Officer Ryu as a suspect and investigated the cause of the accident, such as the reason for the delay in reporting the situation to the upper management.

In addition, in the morning, the special investigation book called Park Hee-young, director of the Yongsan District Office, as a suspect and proceeded with the investigation. The special investigation book is investigating whether Commissioner Park properly established Halloween safety measures and what kind of work he actually carried out through documents obtained from the house search and investigations of witnesses of Yongsan-gu office workers.

Published : 2022/11/22 09:26 KST

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