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  • "Actor B died of heart failure"... 20-year-old fined for posting false statements one after another
"Actor B died of heart failure"... 20-year-old fined for posting false statements one after another
A man in his 20s has been fined for posting false statements on the Internet that certain actors have died.

Changwon District Court Criminal 3 Judge Park Jiyeon sentenced Defendant A (20), who was indicted on suspicion of violating the telecommunications method, to a fine of 3 million won (about US$2,000) on November 14th.

At around 8:33 pm on July 26th last year, A used a mobile phone in a living room in a certain division in Busan and posted a message titled "[Breaking News]Actor B passed away from a heart attack... Condolence for Internet users" was accused of posting a false statement.

A wrote these sentences knowing that actor B was not dead.

Also, on September 20th and October 13th of the same year, he posted a false article the form of an article stating that actors C and D died while using a notebook at home or using a mobile phone in the living hall.

It is said that A posted the article with the intention of inflicting damage on the relevant actors. Victim C's mother was reported to have misunderstood what A had published as fact and suffered a psychological shock.

The court said, "The defendant created and posted false content in the form of an article on an internet bulletin board that was viewed by an unspecified number of people, stating that the actor had died. In addition to this incident, the defendant also created and posted false statements about the death of various actors. To date, he has not received forgiveness from some of the victims."

However, the court said, "We decided on the sentence after taking into consideration the fact that he had no criminal record, that he was sincerely remorseful for his mistakes, and that one of the victims had revealed his intention to drop the charges."

Published : 2022/11/19 09:36 KST

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