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  • <Itaewon accident> “Without consent of the bereaved family” Media releases victim list
<Itaewon accident> “Without consent of the bereaved family” Media releases victim list
South Korean media outlets Citizen Press The Survey and Citizen Press Mindreel unilaterally published a list of 155 victims of the Itaewon accident. 23 foreigners were among the 155, but there was criticism that it violated Article 19 of the Disaster Reporting Standards of the Korean Journalists Association, which protects the human rights of victims.

'The Exploration' and 'Mindurrae' said on November 14th, "In the past, when a large-scale disaster occurred, government authorities and media outlets have released lists that include the basic identities of the dead to the public. Regarding the victims who died suddenly and tragically while walking down the street in Itaewon just to enjoy the festival, we have adhered to non-disclosure. It is not unrelated to the attitude of the government and the ruling party that constantly avoided responsibility immediately after the accident and viewed the discussion of responsibility as taboo," he said, releasing the victim list of the accident.

The media emphasized, "Several foreign news outlets, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, have reported a considerable number of photos and circumstances of domestic and foreign victims based on interviews with bereaved families under their real names."

With the exception of some opposition parties, the disclosure of the list is also a matter that is opposed even in the political sphere.

Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party, said at a meeting of the supreme committee on November 9th, "I can hear the sobbing that my son's name and face should not be hidden. Of course, unless the bereaved family objects, the name and portrait of the deceased will be made public. And there must be sincere mourning," but he assumed that the bereaved family's intention was to make it public.

The People's Power and Justice Party has refused to make the list public on the grounds that it is not appropriate to use fatal accidents as a political tool. Justice Party leader Lee Jung-mi and Basic Income Party lawmaker Yeon Hae-in once drew a line that the political world should not get involved in issues decided by bereaved families. Crazy idea," he criticized.

On the same day, Rep. Hong Seok-joon of 'People's Power' made a representative proposal to revise the penal code to punish those who disseminate photos and videos of victims without the consent of the bereaved families in connection with the Itaewon accident.

The government is also negative about releasing the list without the consent of the bereaved families.

Regarding the release of the list at the National Assembly Steering Committee plenary session on the 9th, Song Doo-hwan, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, said, "A certain part belongs to the public right to know, but this is fundamental. Depart is a private life," he said, adding, "The content should be adjusted depending on whether the bereaved family agrees or not, so I think the authorities are preparing something with that in mind."

According to Article 19 of the Disaster Reporting Standards (disclosure policy), disclosing the details of the victims, their families, and the people around them may infringe on personal rights, portrait rights, and privacy.

The two media outlets said, "The bereaved family consultation body was not formed, and only the name was released. If the bereaved family wanted to convey the victim's portrait, circumstances, and other feelings, please contact us by e-mail and we will do our best to reflect it. We ask for your understanding that we were unable to seek the consent of the bereaved families."

Published : 2022/11/19 09:28 KST

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