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  • Chinese Internet users "Kimchi belongs to us" … "90% of kimchi Koreans eat is made in China"
Chinese Internet users "Kimchi belongs to us" … "90% of kimchi Koreans eat is made in China"
Chinese Internet users claimed that "Kimchi belongs to us", and Professor Seo Kyung-deok of Sungshin Women's University, who is also known as an "anti-Japanese professor", said on November 14th, "Again, I just feel sorry for them."

In response to an article about “Korean kimchi” that was reported by the state-run media “Global Times” and the state-run English-language newspaper “Global Times” on the 11th, some internet users in China said, “How much kimchi do Koreans eat? More than 90% of the kimchi they eat is made in China, even though they claim it belongs to us. It's a country with the most serious levels."

Chinese state-run media reported articles such as "Before the World Cup started, kimchi arrived in Qatar before Korean players. We received about 200 kilograms of kimchi from at and sent it to Qatar."

The Chinese media referred to kimchi as "pao cai" (Chinese pickled vegetables) instead of "xingqi", which is the Chinese name for kimchi.

Professor Seo wrote on social media, "Many Chinese netizens are once again making ridiculous claims that 'kimchi belongs to China.'"

He continued, "This time is also a typical method of 'Kimchi process'. It's a way of trying to make it look like that," he said.

“People all over the world know that Korea is the suzerain of kimchi. They seem to believe that only China belongs to them", and went on saying "When on the earth will they acknowledge global recognition? I am very sorry for them."

Published : 2022/11/19 09:20 KST

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