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  • ``Trainees and incumbent idols are also affected'' ``OMEGA X'' who showed courage in tears, ``We have endured to protect our dreams...Will the entertainment industry be warned?
``Trainees and incumbent idols are also affected'' ``OMEGA X'' who showed courage in tears, ``We have endured to protect our dreams...Will the entertainment industry be warned?
The group "OMEGA X" embarked on exposing the abuse and power harassment of management office SPIRE Entertainment. Support and interest continue to be given to those who gave their dreams and courage, and they are focusing on what kind of results they will bring in the future.

The idol group "OMEGA X" (Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, XEN, JaeHeeyoung, KEVIN, Junghoon, Hyuk, Yechan) will hold a ceremony at the Lawyer's Association Hall in Seocho-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 16th. A press conference was held in the Human Rights Office on the 5th floor regarding the cancellation of the Exclusive Contract.

The controversy began when a fan's camera caught 'OMEGA X' being abused and assaulted by the representative of the management office. The management office struggled to explain that it was just a misunderstanding, but after that, additional revelations came out and the ripples continued. In the end, the members of "OMEGA X" acknowledged the fact of the damage and began to take legal action.

OMEGAX's direct disclosure at the press conference was at a serious level, and it was reported that there were threats of suicide, forced drinking parties, sexual harassment such as sexual harassment and physical contact, abusive language, and unfair treatment. In response, OMEGAX will notify its agency of the cancellation of the exclusive contract and will take strong measures such as claiming compensation for the damage and filing a criminal complaint.

On the same day, lawyer Noh Jong Eon, who is in charge of the legal representation of "OMEGA X", said, "All the members showed great courage and came here. It's not just our problem, it's all the young members, and we need to change it." I gathered courage with the desire to do this," he said, adding, "In 2022, something unimaginable happened in South Korea."

The members said they are currently experiencing trauma and some are also undergoing psychiatric treatment. Taedong also hinted that all this wasn't just about them, pointing out the inside story of the glamorous K-pop industry. He said, "I don't think all agencies are like that, but I think many trainees who dream of K-pop and idols who are currently working are being treated unfairly."

In the past, he was treated the same way at his previous office, saying, "I had to practice for 15 to 17 hours without a day off at his former office, and he was forced to confiscate his cell phone. There were also monitoring activities such as checking each member's contact details while asking for a password. He complained that he had a hard time every day because of frequent abuse.

In addition, a netizen who revealed that she was Tedong's biological sister said after the press conference that Tedong couldn't use his cell phone even though his grandfather died when he was at his former office, and that he was abused and beaten.

After this revelation of "OMEGA X", Japanese management staff "SKIYAKI" has canceled the business contract with management office SPIRE Entertainment. The members said, "We have endured to protect our dreams, but we have decided to show courage for our fans, families, and members." Will they be able to bring about lasting change by ringing the alarm bells in the entertainment industry where they are being treated unfairly? Attention will be paid to the future legal outcome.

Published : 2022/11/18 15:00 KST

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