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  • '2030 Busan Expo' bid, women stand up = Korea
'2030 Busan Expo' bid, women stand up = Korea
Women in the Busan area also stood up for the successful bid for the 2030 Busan International Expo.

The 2030 Busan International Expo Bid and Pan-Women's Council was launched at 11:00 a.m. on September 20th at the plaza on the first floor of Busan City Hall in the presence of the Operation Promotion Committee and more than 500 citizens' participation groups. held a ceremony.

This inauguration ceremony is the second citizen-led inauguration ceremony, following the inauguration ceremony of the Busan World Expo Pan-Citizen Supporters Group held on 15th.

Ahead of the inauguration ceremony, the pan-women council has set up a representative group of women from all walks of life in the Busan area and a steering committee, and has operated advisory groups, policy support groups, and policy research groups to systematically promote the movement. They have been discussing campaigns and concrete action plans for the movement.

At the inauguration ceremony of the day, the Pan Women's Council said, "We have launched the Pan Women's Council to successfully host the 2030 Busan World Expo, which will lead the better future of Busan and the common prosperity and development of mankind. We will do my best to gather the energy and endurance of women in Japan and abroad so that the Olympics will be the best economic and cultural Olympics on earth."

Furthermore, they also mentioned that "This Expo is a global event that looks back on the development of human civilization and presents solutions to the problems facing humankind as well as future development prospects. We plan to do our best to attract Busan so that the world can once again learn about the essence of Hallyu, which leads the world culture.”

On the other hand, the Pan Women's Council plans to declare a concrete implementation plan for "development of women", "development of Busan", "development of Korea", "development of Asia", and "development of the world".

Published : 2022/09/23 09:45 KST

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