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  • [Official] Singer BoA to sue malicious Internet users "I can't forgive you for being thoughtless and blasphemy.
[Official] Singer BoA to sue malicious Internet users "I can't forgive you for being thoughtless and blasphemy.
Singer BoA (35) suggested "legal response" to malicious comments and postings on the Internet.

On the 21st, SM Entertainment said, "There are no malicious texts, comments, defamation, or personal defamation posts related to BoA on personal SNS accounts, online bulletin boards, SNS, portal sites, etc. It is being posted and disseminated discreetly," said, adding, "We have already collected materials on the illegal activities that are spreading online and are preparing to file a complaint. We will take legal action and deal with it strictly."

BoA complained of mental distress due to malicious comments on this day. There was a series of excessively malicious comments about the judging results of the dance survival program "STREET MAN FIGHTER".

Prior to this, the crew of the winning candidate dropped out of the male dance survival program "Street Man Fighter", and criticism flooded into singer BoA, who served as a judge.

Mnet's "STREET MAN FIGHTER" aired on the 20th, the first crew to drop out was decided, but "PRIME KINGZ", who had been listed as a winning candidate, dropped out here.

On this day, TRIX of "PRIME KINGZ" faced J-ROC in a battle with "BankTwoBrothers". In the leader showdown, after a rematch, TRIX's defeat was decided. After that, the final elimination of "PRIME KINGZ" was decided in the confrontation that followed.

On the other hand, some fans are not satisfied with the result and continue to write protests on BoA's personal Instagram.

Fans said, "Give me back PRIME KINGZ. It hurts my heart to see TRIX crying", "Please review properly", "This is the worst review", "It's the first time I've written something like this to a celebrity. "Isn't it too much?", "Even my family, who didn't know me well, was surprised by the results of the leader battle." It's a review," said angrily.

Published : 2022/09/22 14:50 KST

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