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  • Kim GoEun to Um KiJoon, 8 people gathered in a mansion, group poster release
Kim GoEun to Um KiJoon, 8 people gathered in a mansion, group poster release
Eight people involved in the suspicion of 70 billion won have taken off the veil.

Cable channel tvN New Saturdays and Sundays TV Series 'Little Women' (Screenplay: Jeon Seo-kyung, Director: Kim Hee-won), which will be broadcast for the first time on September 3, will show the eight people gathered at the mansion on the 16th. A meaningful group poster was released.

"Little Women" depicts the story of three sisters who were poor but grew up together as they stand up against the richest and most influential family in Korea. The process of solving life's homework of 'money' by three sisters involved in a huge incident presents exhilarating fun.

Writer Jeon Suk-yung, who showed her vivid writing skills in the movies ``Miss'', ``Decision to break up'', and the TV series ``Mother'', has been recognized for his directing ability in the TV series ``Vincenzo'' and ``The Man Who Became King''. Director Kim Hee-won is joining hands and raising expectations.

Famous actors such as Kim Goeun, Nam Jihyon, Park Ji Hoo, Wi Ha Joon, Um Jee Won, Um KiJoon, Kim Mi Sook, Kang Hoon, Jung Jae Eun, etc. will complete the epic of the three sisters. face each other.

A few days ago, a poster showing the appearance of the three sisters trying to go "from the lowest and darkest place to the highest and brightest place" gathered Hot Topic, and the group poster released this time is waiting for the sisters there Captivating and eye-catching.

The eldest daughter, Oh In Joo (played by Kim Go Eun), is holding her sisters' hands tightly in a space that is too old-fashioned and unusual for the three sisters. Second daughter Oh In-kyung (played by Nam Jihyo-n) looks straight ahead with more calm eyes as if to protect her older sister. On the other hand, the anxious gaze of the youngest child, Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hoo), who is clinging to Oh In Joo, reminds us of her young inner self.

The people surrounding the three sisters are also interesting. Choi Do Il (Wi Ha Joon), a consultant from London, hides his heart with a perfect poker face. When I think about it, I can feel the aura that is hard to approach in the relaxed appearance of Won Sang-ah (Um Ji-won) and Park Jae-sang (Um Ki Joon), the husband and wife of the house. It is wondered how those who live in a completely different world intertwine with their three sisters. Ha Jung Ho (Kang Hoon), Oh In Kyung's childhood friend and strong supporter, and Park Hyo Rin (Jung Jae Eun), another young owner of the house, are also interested.

The production team of 'Little women' said, ``People who have lived in separate worlds are involved in a huge incident and become entangled.

'Little women' will be broadcasted for the first time at 9:10 pm on September 3rd.

Published : 2022/08/17 14:34 KST

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