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  • China deploys more than 100 military aircraft, including stealth aircraft, to blockade Taiwan
China deploys more than 100 military aircraft, including stealth aircraft, to blockade Taiwan
The Chinese military has dispatched more than 100 military aircraft to a large-scale exercise aimed at Taiwan.

More than 100 Chinese air and navy military aircraft have carried out day and night reconnaissance, aerial assault, and escort missions in Taiwan's airspace, China's state-run Central Television said on August 4th.

The media reported that various types of military aircraft, including fighters, bombers and aerial refueling planes, were mobilized for the training on the same day. The screen released in the Internet version of the report also showed China's state-of-the-art stealth fighter "J20" participating in the training.

The scale of military aircraft mobilized on the same day was the largest ever. So far, 149 military aircraft entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone during China's "Border Day" holiday (October 1st-4th) last year, marking China's largest air force against Taiwan.

On October 4th, the final day of last year's National Day exercises, 52 aircraft, including 38 J-16 fighters, were mobilized, setting a new record.

The media also reported on the same day that about 10 destroyers and escort ships jointly embarked on a blockade of Taiwan in the waters surrounding Taiwan, conducting minesweeping and patrol activities in the live-fire training area while carrying out reconnaissance and other duties.

Apart from this, the Chinese military also launched 11 "Dongfeng" ballistic missiles into the waters of Taiwan that day, and launched several multiple rockets in a training area along the median line of the Taiwan Strait. made a powerful demonstration of force.

Published : 2022/08/06 10:00 KST

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