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  • Xi Jinping expects to maintain 'Zero Corona' for several years
Xi Jinping expects to maintain 'Zero Corona' for several years
A view has emerged that Chinese President Xi Jinping will continue to maintain the "Zero Corona" policy for the next few years. Even if the whole world turns to “with corona”, China will continue to manage the closure for the time being.

"Unlike other world leaders, Xi believes that the political risks of opening up outweigh the benefits, and China’s zero-corona policy could continue for several years," Bloomberg News reported on August 3rd (local time).

Investors and economists expected China to follow suit, as many countries such as Singapore and Australia abandoned the "zero corona".

However, while Omicron stock is raging, many experts believe that China's zero corona will continue this year and beyond.

China's epidemic control has become a weapon that can counter international criticism that China is the origin of the virus. This is because China has become able to point out that the reason why Western countries have raised the theory that the coronavirus originated in China has not prevented the spread of the virus is because of that country's policies. China is using Zero Corona to demonstrate the superiority of its Communist Party-led regime.

In fact, the Chinese authorities have made it clear many times that they intend to keep the "Zero Corona" going. The Central Politburo, the supreme decision-making body that determines the policies of the Communist Party of China, emphasized its intention to adhere to the “Zero Corona” policy, stating that “persistence is truly victory.”

Many difficulties are expected for President Xi to sustain Zero Corona. Because we have to put up with a lot to reduce the number of infected people and deaths. Since the lockdown in Shanghai, public sentiment has deteriorated significantly.

There are also concerns that China will be left alone once other countries coexist with COVID-19 and then the epidemic subsides.

Published : 2022/08/06 09:54 KST

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