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  • Korean prof criticizes composite photo attack from Japanese netizens
Korean prof criticizes composite photo attack from Japanese netizens
Professor Seo Kyung-deok of Sungshin Women's University, who is continuing the campaign to eliminate the rising sun flag from all over the world in South Korea, revealed that he was attacked by Japanese netizens.

Professor Seo posted on his SNS on August 5th, "It seems that Japanese right-wing people don't even go on vacation. Recently, the rising sun flag posted on the 'Maroon 5' homepage has been removed, and the friendship between Paris Saint-Germain FC At the time of the match, the Japanese supporters were cheering with the Rising Sun flag, so if they actively carried out activities to eliminate the Rising Sun flag, such as accusing all the clubs of the five major European soccer leagues, I would post the Japanese flag on my SNS. right-wing netizens have been brutally attacked."

He continued, "I wish I was the only one who suffered. They attacked me ridiculously with photos which my daughter is in."

Furthermore, "This is 'no human'. The one that synthesized the daughter's face against the background of the Rising Sun flag, which had been in the past, was at the level of charm, and there was also one that synthesized the daughter's face with the image of a girl. Very here. There are pictures that can't be posted on , but I was attacked by putting my daughter's face in a picture of somebody taking off clothes. I don't think I need to go out with them," he said angrily.

He also said, "Is the Rising Sun flag justified by such an attack? Will I stop acting like this again? It will only increase combat power. Then, by 2030, all Let's work together to eliminate all remaining Rising Sun flag patterns in the world."

Published : 2022/08/06 09:18 KST

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