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  • Korean civic group VANK to discover “Historical Korean stars”?...Release Poster
Korean civic group VANK to discover “Historical Korean stars”?...Release Poster
South Korea's cyber diplomatic mission VANK announced on July 29th that it will discover "Korean stars" among Korean historical figures who can promote Korea to the world and conduct publicity activities.

VANK selected Hague Special Envoy as the 'No.1 Korean Star' in history and distributed Korean and English posters on SNS.

The poster was released on March 30th, 2018, based on TIME, and the photo of the Hague Special Envoy consisting of Lee Joon, Lee Sang Sol, and Lee Ui Jeong.

In addition, "Peace Conference Report on July 5th, 1907, Hague Special Envoy Activities", "March 30, 2022 US weekly magazine TIME, BTS cover model", "The situation of the times is different, but they are Korean stars in our history."

There is also a sentence asking, "Who is your historical Korean star that you want the world to know about?" VANK is planning to recruit 2nd and 3rd Korean stars until August 18th and select 50 of them.

Park Gi-tae, the head of VANK, said, "We hope that this publicity campaign will be a window to discover Korean stars hidden in Korea's 5,000-year history. We hope that fans and people around the world will not only learn about Korea, but also the timeless and colorful history and culture of Korea.”

Published : 2022/08/05 09:38 KST

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