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  • Miracle photo! Actor Kang Tae Oh reveals employee ID photo in "Woo Young-woo"
Miracle photo! Actor Kang Tae Oh reveals employee ID photo in "Woo Young-woo"
The ID photo of actor Kang Tae Oh, who is appearing in ENA channel's popular TV series "Woo Young Woo Lawyer is a Genius Skin" (hereafter, "Woo Young Woo"), which is being streamed on Netflix, has been released.

The management office Man of Creation posted a photo on their official Instagram on the 3rd, along with the comment, "I'm sorry to leave you, so I'm sharing a photo of Lee Junho of the legal firm's Hampada litigation team."

The published photo is an ID photo taken by Kang Tae Oh in a suit. This photo is believed to have been taken in order to make an employee ID necessary for the role of Lee Junho, a member of the law firm Hanpada Litigation Team, played in "Woo Young Woo." The unrealistic appearance that would not exist in a real workplace attracts attention.

The management office continued to encourage viewers to watch 'Woo Young Woo' and added the hashtags "#Kanfox #StraightforwardFoxMan #ConvictedMan #ConvictedMan" to make people laugh. Kang Tae Oh is starring as Lee Jun-ho in "Woo Young-woo. "She drew a love story with the main character Woo Young-woo (played by Park Eun Bin) in the drama, drawing a big response from people.

On the other hand, "Lawyer Woo Yong Woo is a genius skin" s a human court drama in which Woo Young-woo, a new lawyer at a large law firm with a genius brain and autism, solves various cases and grows up. It is broadcast on ENA channel every Wednesday and Thursday from 9 p.m. and also on seezn (seezn) and Netflix.

Published : 2022/08/04 14:54 KST

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