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  • Plagiarizer Singer You Hee-yeol, apologizing again and being questioned by the remaining suspicions ... Request to leave "Sketchbook"
Plagiarizer Singer You Hee-yeol, apologizing again and being questioned by the remaining suspicions ... Request to leave "Sketchbook"
Composer and singer You Hee-yeol apologized for canceling the release of the new album. Although he was forgiven, the aftereffects are severe because there are still many suspicions remaining.

On the 22nd, You Hee-yeol apologized again for alleged plagiarism of Ryuichi Sakamoto's music. You Hee-yeol said, "After receiving a letter with the philosophy and consideration of Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto, I realized how lacking I am. Thank you again and I am sorry."

He added, "Looking at the controversies that have surfaced recently, I know that I still have a lot to learn. I am more worried about the creative process and scrutinize it. Many are fiercely creating their own world. I apologize to my fellow musician," he said, taking responsibility and setting an example.

You Hee-yeol apologized and said that he would cancel the LP and release of the album "Life Music". Ryuichi Sakamoto acknowledged the similarity rather than plagiarism by clarifying his position, and You Hee-yeol was able to escape from the alleged plagiarism for only Ryuichi Sakamoto's songs.

However, there are still songs in You Hee-yeol that are suspected of plagiarism. The singer claims that the song "Please Don't Go My Girl" from MBC's variety "Infinite Challenge-Free Road Song Festival" released in 2013 is similar to "Body Bumpin" from the American R&B group "Public Announcement". There is a claim that Sung Si Kyung's song "Happy Birthday To You" is similar to Koji Tamaki's 1998 song "Happy Birthday To You", and the allegations of stealing are not over yet.

Trust in You Hee-yeol has already fallen and some viewers have requested that You Hee-yeol's dismissal from KBS2's music program "You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook," and the viewer bulletin board has been closed due to a series of protests.

You Hee-yeol is working on the recording schedule of "You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook" on the 21st. However, some viewers are not surprised because of the remaining plagiarism allegations.

With You Hee-yeol still unable to resolve all suspicions, attention is focused on how to overcome this crisis.

Published : 2022/06/24 14:21 KST

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