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  • “Drunk Driving” Kim Sae Ron appears in TV Series “Kiss Sixth Sense” without teaser ... Kiss scene with Lee Jae Wook
“Drunk Driving” Kim Sae Ron appears in TV Series “Kiss Sixth Sense” without teaser ... Kiss scene with Lee Jae Wook
Actress Kim Sae Ron, who has been refraining from activities due to Drunk Driving accident, has appeared in Disney+'s original TV series "Kiss Sixth Sense" without any special editing.

In the EP9 of "Kiss Sixth Sense" broadcasted on the 22nd, Kim Sae Ron appeared as the main character of the movie "One Day" by the movie director Kim Ji Suk. Kim Sae Ron had a romantic kiss after a brief conversation with actor Lee Jae Wook.

The amount of Kim Sae Ron was small, but the presence of Kim Sae Ron was not. When you touch someone else's lips, you can see the future of that person. After watching the movie, "I've realized that I've finished watching this movie. I want to go back to what I used to be. No. I will try not to make the same mistake from now on."

In connection with this, the "Kiss Sixth Sense" side said, "'Kiss Sixth Sense' is a pre-produced TV series. The shooting of Kim Sae Ron and the editing of the TV series were completed before the incident occurred. There is no scene where Kim Sae Ron will appear directly in the remaining EP2. "

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron drunk a car near the intersection of Seoul Kannam (Gangnam) around 8 am on the 18th of last month, causing an accident in which he collided with a roadside tree or a transformer.

However, Kim Sae Ron refused to measure blood alcohol levels and requested a blood sampling test. After that, as a result of a blood sampling test of Kim Sae Ron on the 7th of this month, it was confirmed that the blood alcohol concentration was about 0.2% and the license was revoked

Published : 2022/06/24 14:30 KST

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