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  • South Korea's domestic rocket "successful launch" ... "Leaping into a space powerhouse" = Korean coverage
South Korea's domestic rocket "successful launch" ... "Leaping into a space powerhouse" = Korean coverage
The Korean domestic rocket "Nuri" was successfully launched, and a new history of the Korean space age was spelled out.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Ministry of Science and ICT) and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute announced on 21st that the second launch of the Korean-type projectile "Nuri", which was originally developed by South Korea, was successful.

After Nuri launched at 4 pm on that day, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute conducted an initial analysis of the Nuri telemetry, which records the flight information of the projectile, and found that the Nuri was the target. It reached the orbit (700 km) and confirmed that the performance verification satellite was successfully separated and settled.

After launching the Nuri, it was confirmed that all flight processes were carried out normally according to the determined flight order. In addition, all of the Nuri 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage engines burned normally and the pairing was separated normally, and all the separation of the performance verification satellite mounted on the Nuri was successful.

The success of the launch of the Nuri is of great significance in that South Korea has secured its own space transportation capability and is fully equipped with its own voluntary national space development capabilities.

Through this launch, four more launches are planned to improve reliability until 2027, when the development of the space rocket Nuri is completed.

Lee Jung, Minister of Science, Technology and Information and Communication, said, "The government plans to promote the development of space launchers with improved performance based on the experience and technology of Nuri development, and further improve Japan's satellite launch capability."

Published : 2022/06/24 09:53 KST

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