Continued Ok Ju Hyun (Fin.KL) VS Kim Ho Young ... Seniors in the musical world announced an unusual position statement, and juniors "agree"
The aftermath called by affair between singer and musical actress Ock Ju Hyun (Fin.KL) and musical actor Kim Ho-young is spreading throughout the musical world.

On the 22nd, Korean musical actors such as Park Karlin, Choi Jung Won, and Nam Gyeongju announced an unusual joint statement, and their fellow musical actors continued to show their willingness to agree.

Park Karlin, Choi Jung Won, Nam Gyeongju and others said, "Many actors, staff, production companies, etc. who love and engage in musicals feel sorry and responsible for the recent complaints in the musical world. In particular, as actors of the first generation of musicals, we can't stand the feelings of grief. "

Musical actors Kim So Hyun, Shin Young-sook, Jung Sun Ah, Choi Yoo Ha, and Choi Jae Rim also shared their positions of the first generation of musicals on social media and expressed their support. In the case of Shin Young-sook, Jeong Sun Hwa, and Choi Yu-ha, they also added a photo of them holding their hands over the sky.

Group "2AM" Jo Kwon left a comment in a post by Jung Sona, "As a musical actor, I sympathize with, support, support, and love the words of my seniors."

Prior to this, Kim Ho-young posted the sentence "Asaripan is an old word. Now it's Okjanpan" on SNS, and some Internet users say that Kim Ho-young is aiming at Ok Ju Hyun. I raised suspicions that it might be.

Since then, the suspicion has grown in affair, with some speculation that cannot be confirmed online. In the end, Ok Ju Hyun said on SNS, "We are preparing to sue the providers who made rude speculations and speculations, and the articles after that," and "the person who moved his mouth and fingers without any facts." I have to get angry. "

And Ok Ju Hyun actually accused Kim Ho-young, and Kim Ho-young issued an official sentence. "It is regrettable that Mr. Ok Ju Hyun could not understand the fact that he made a situation judgment only on the content that could not be confirmed, and that he defamed the actor by not confirming the facts with us and Kim Ho Young." The situation was disseminated, saying, "If Kim Ho-young suffers damage due to the relevant content, he will take a hard-line approach with defamation."

Further added here is the position of the first generation of musical actors such as Park Karlin.

The first generation of the musical world emphasized, "Because the heart of the musical is an ensemble of actors on stage, we must love and respect our fellow actors. We must strive to create a good atmosphere."

And said "I am keenly aware of the responsibility of our seniors who have been on the sidelines until this situation happened." No. If there are unfairness and disadvantages in the whole process of performing a musical, I will try to face it and change it. "
2022/06/23 14:57 KST