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  • Musk acquired on Twitter, withdrawal of permanent suspension of Trump account ... "Stupid thing"
Musk acquired on Twitter, withdrawal of permanent suspension of Trump account ... "Stupid thing"
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently acquired Twitter, said on May 10th that he would withdraw the decision to permanently suspend the Twitter account of former US President Trump.

According to Reuters, Musk said in a speech at the Financial Times' Future of the Car conference that "Twitter's Trump account suspension is morally wrong and looks completely stupid. I'm permanently suspended. I will overturns the decision."

Musk said permanent disciplinary action is a considered measure against spam accounts, and Twitter founders have the same idea. "If someone talks destructively to the world on Twitter, account suspension and blocking of tweets should be taken," he said.

In particular, Musk has stipulated that the political color of Twitter, which is currently headquartered in San Francisco, is left-biased. Musk argued that this hindered Twitter's confidence building in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Prior to this, Musk announced that it would succeed in a $ 44 billion acquisition of Twitter, criticize Twitter's content restrictions, and switch to a platform that guarantees freedom of expression.

However, former President Trump has made it clear that even if Musk restores his Twitter account, he will still use Truth Social, the social media he created. "I'll stay on Truth Social, not Twitter," former President Trump said in an interview with Fox News in April.

Published : 2022/05/14 09:57 KST

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