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  • Former Korean President's secretary, "Takby's Free" leaving work photo getting on attention = Korean press
Former Korean President's secretary, "Takby's Free" leaving work photo getting on attention = Korean press
The term of former President Moon Jae-in of South Korea has ended, and the ceremonial secretary of Cheong Wa Dae has also become a "free man."

On May 10th, there was an eyewitness on the net that former secretary Tak Hyun-min, who sent President Moon and Mrs. Jung-sook to his private residence, was walking lightly while throwing the bag he had during his last duty. It has spread and becomes Hot Topic.

Mr. A, an internet user who was at the scene, disclosed the situation to the online community "clien". In the photo posted, Tak former secretary can be seen waving his hand to the supporters of the former president.

Mr. A said, "Maybe the load on his shoulders has dropped and it has become lighter, he threw the bag and waved his hand to greet me (after catching the bag) and left cool. It's just" Dobby is free." Dobby is a slave fairy from the "Harry Potter" series, and "Dobby is free" is a famous line in the movie.

Internet users who saw this called Tak former secretary and Dobby together as "Takby", "Takby is free", "Looks fun", "He looks like a true free person", They are responding by saying, "It's amazing to raise the bag very high."

Tak, a former secretary, appeared on Korean TBS Radio "Kim Ou-Joon's News Factory" on the morning of May 10th, the day of President Yoon Seok-you's inauguration. He said, "Actually, today I'm a civilian. So I don't have to do this, but I will bring the former president to the inauguration site."

Also, on that day, Tak former secretary posted a photo of former President Moon riding a horse in rough clothes on his Facebook page. "Please be happy, everyone. We are all happy," he stated.

"I'm going fishing. I'll be fishing until I'm tired, and maybe I'll go abroad around the summer," said Tak, a former secretary who got freedom as President Moon.

Published : 2022/05/14 09:50 KST

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