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  • “Suspected obscenity” Himchan (former BAP) suddenly admits suspicion in second instance
“Suspected obscenity” Himchan (former BAP) suddenly admits suspicion in second instance
Himchan (31), a former member of the Korean boy group 'BAP', has now admitted to being accused of obscenity at the appeals court.

Himchan announced on the 12th that he would admit his charges at the second trial of the appeals court held in the Seoul Central District Court.

The defense counsel submitted a remorse prepared by Himchan to the court. At the same time, he revealed that he was trying to deposit the victim. Deposit is a system in which a certain amount of money is paid to the court to show that the defendant who cannot agree with the victim is making efforts to recover from the damage.

The court told Himchan, "If the appeal is rejected after receiving a prison sentence in the first trial, we have no choice but to detain him in court." In addition, said they would grant a two-month grace period for the deposit, saying, "We need to be able to make meaningful changes."

Himchan was indictment without detention in July 2018 at a pension in in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province on suspicion of sexually assulting woman A in her twenties. Women A claimed to have been sexually harassed when three men and three women in their twenties, including Kim, were playing together.

In the course of the trial, Himchan has denied the charges, saying that he "had mutual favor and implicit consent."

In February last year, the first instance sentenced Himchan to 10 months in prison and ordered him to take a 40-hour sexual assault treatment program. However, the court did not detain the victim, saying that it would "give the victim an opportunity to make an effort to ask for forgiveness."

The next trial will be held on June 14th.

Published : 2022/04/13 14:52 KST

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