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  • U.S., Korean man was cut with a knife and seriously injured by threatened "Go back to Asia" = Korean press
U.S., Korean man was cut with a knife and seriously injured by threatened "Go back to Asia" = Korean press
After the COVID-19 situation, a Korean man in his 30s was seriously injured by a utility knife this time while the damage of hate crimes targeting Asians is increasing rapidly in New York, the United States.

According to US media ASAM on March 10th (local time), a suspicious person cut a Korean man, A (34), with a knife in front of a hotel in the Queens flushing area of New York at around 9:30 pm on February 27th.

As a result, Mr. A was seriously injured in the neck muscle area and the area from below the left ear to the cheek, and was transferred to the hospital where he was treated to sew at least 30 stitches.

Mr. A revealed that the criminal was shouting "Go back to Asia" at the time of the incident. The criminal escaped from the scene.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating this case as a hate crime. A police official said, "The perpetrator attacked Mr. A for no reason and used a utility knife to cut cardboard boxes and the like." There is Koreatown in the area where the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, crimes targeting Asians have surged in the United States since the outbreak of COVID-19. The reality is that criminal robbery is becoming more and more radical.

According to the New York Police Department, the number of crimes targeting Asian descent in New York City last year has increased to 131 cases year by year. This is a sharp increase from 3 cases in 2019 and 28 cases in 2020.

Prior to this, a "hammer assault" incident targeting Asians occurred in New York on March 9th. The perpetrator assaulted an unfamiliar 29-year-old Asian man with a hammer at a subway station in Manhattan around 9 pm that day.

Also this January, a Korean in his 50s who was trying to help a homeless person in Manhattan was beaten on the contrary, and in Koreatown located in Manhattan on February 22nd, a 53-year-old diplomat belonging to the United Nations Korean representative became a street demon. there were. In Manhattan Chinatown on the 13th, a 35-year-old Korean woman was killed by a black homeless with knife, and last month in Brooklyn, New York, a 66-year-old Korean man suffered a hate crime at his store.

Published : 2022/03/15 09:26 KST

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