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  • Various scandals Emerging actress Seo YEJI starring new TV series "Eve", is it out of the broadcast organization of this year? Speculation flies is "not a fact"
Various scandals Emerging actress Seo YEJI starring new TV series "Eve", is it out of the broadcast organization of this year? Speculation flies is "not a fact"
While actress Seo YEJI's starring tvN TV Series "Eve" is getting a lot of attention after leaving tvN's 2022 TV Series introduction lineup, "Eve" is still preparing to be broadcast on tvN in the first half of the year. I was told.

On the 20th of this month, the tvN side distributed materials introducing the tvN TV Series scheduled to be broadcast this year.

Here is a TV series that has confirmed the organization of tvN, "Ghost Doctor" starring Rain (Bi) (Jun Ji Hoon) and Kim Bum, which started broadcasting for the first time on the 3rd of this month, and "Ghost Doctor" ahead of the broadcast in February. "Twenty-five, twenty-one", "Kill Hill", "Ghost Doctor Dobelman", "Our Bruce", "Murderer's Shopping List", "Shooting Star", "Link: Eat, Love, Kill", Expected works of tvN such as "Amadas" and "Little ladies" were included.

This is a material that introduces the TV Series that will be broadcast in 2022, but the TV Series "Eve" that was teasered as a return work of Seo YEJI is missing here. For this reason, last year, various speculations were poured into the background leaked from the materials over the return work of Seo YEJI, which was wrapped in various rumors, but "Eve" was broadcast in the first half as planned. It was reported that he was refraining from. As with various TV Series, what was leaked from the promotional material is that "Eve" is not a peculiar case just because of internal marketing circumstances.

Seo YEJI started with suspicion that he was manipulating Kim Jong Hyun's behavior at the time of dating with former lover actor Kim Jong Hyun, and then power harassment to staff, school violence, job fraud, suspicion of lies one after another. It became clear and was wrapped in controversy. This left the promotion event of the movie "Memories of Tomorrow" at that time, and the appearance on the TV series "Ireland", which was discussing the starring appearance, became a blank slate, which was a big blow to the image.

Seo YEJI, who has virtually suspended activities after the debate, has recently been informed of the news of a re-contract with the management office GOLD MEDALIST and has collected Hot Topic, and has finished resting on the TV series "Eve" and is about to return. "Eve" is a lustful love TV series that deals with the inside story of a divorce proceeding of 2 trillion won (about 200 billion yen) of a conglomerate who made a big noise in the Republic of Korea. Dressed as "Lee Rael" who transforms into a person with a deadly charm.

Seo YEJI's return to the living room, "Eve," was at the center of the debate. There is a lot of interest in resuming her activities, whether she will look like on "Eve" scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of the year, and whether she can regain the feelings of the fans who turned their backs.

On the other hand, Seo YEJI made his debut on tvN TV Series "Potato Star 2013 QR3" in 2013, and then TV Series "Night Guard Diary", "Hanaro <Farran>", "I want to protect you ~ SAVE ME ~", "Lawless Lawyer". He has appeared in movies such as "Quantum Physics" and "Tomorrow's Memories", including "Lawyer-The Best Partner" and "Potato Star 2013".

Published : 2022/01/25 14:59 KST

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