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  • <W Contribution> Japan is a de facto June 25th (Korean War) participating country = Japanese who saved South Korea on the cliff
<W Contribution> Japan is a de facto June 25th (Korean War) participating country = Japanese who saved South Korea on the cliff
"Robert Daniel Murphy" the first US ambassador to Japan, said on June 25th (Korean War), "Without Japan, the United States would not have been able to carry out the war."

It is well known that Japan played the role of a logistics base on June 25th. The field where Japan's combat know-how was demonstrated is minesweeping. It was their job to remove mines laid by the enemy army in the sea.

The task of removing naval mines is far more important than the task of removing land mines. This is because naval mines basically target warships and submarines, whereas land mines mainly target a small number of soldiers, vehicles, or tanks. It is incomparable in terms of the number of victims and the amount of money.

Japan today possesses the world's highest level of mine removal capabilities. It also surpasses the United States in terms of possession of equipment such as minesweepers, etc. It is thanks to the know-how accumulated through past combat experience that Japan has risen to the top in the minesweeping field in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Aside from victory and defeat, Japan's existence is exceptional in the history of modern sea warfare. This is the case with the Battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese War (Battle of Tsushima), and the Battle of Midway during the Pacific War. At the same time as fighting numerous naval battles, Japan laid mines and repeated operations to eliminate enemy mines.

For example, during the Pacific War, Japan laid more than 50,000 mines in neighboring waters to defend the archipelago. In addition, there were nearly 70,000 mines in the waters of the Japanese archipelago, including the mines laid by the US military for blocking. There has never been a case in the history of the world where so many mines were laid.

All mines were removed over 20 years after the end of the war. The Maritime Self-Defense Force, which was dispatched to the Persian Gulf immediately after the 1991 Gulf War, also proved its ability by taking on the "most dangerous and difficult sea area" hesitated by the navies of other countries and successfully removing more than 30 mines.

Such minesweeping ability of Japan was demonstrated in the waters of the Korean Peninsula (such as off the coast of the former mountain) at the time of June 25 (Korean War). Even if it was not a direct operation such as the removal of mines, Japan helped the war by providing various information on the topography of the Korean Peninsula along with advice on the Incheon landing operation. In addition to these direct and indirect roles, Japan has also put many Japanese into the transportation of US troops.

It is estimated that more than 8,000 Japanese have been put into major operations such as mine clearance, Incheon landing support, and US military transportation. There would obviously have been some casualties during the operation (de facto war dead). Such a scale of participation corresponds to the sixth scale among the 16 countries participating in the June 25th.

Japan's participation on June 25th is not captured in official statistics today. Koreans often talk that Japan has made a big profit thanks to the special demand of June 25th. However, we must also know the fact that today's South Korea would not have existed in the first place if there was no rear base called Japan at that time.

*This article is a Japanese translation of a contribution by Mr. LUDA, a conservative Korean conservative fund. The Korean version has already been published in the Korean media. We are responsible for the accuracy of the translation.

Published : 2021/09/14 21:13 KST

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